Sundown Farm & Ranch

Located in Southwest Colorado, Dan and Anita Fernandez purchased the ranch in 1990 from the family of the original homesteaders. The 1,180 acre ranch sprawls over range land, sage brush, canyons, improved pastures and farmland. The panoramic view of mountains on all sides is virtually unobstructed by any man-made structure. The isolation, remoteness, and natural beauty enhances the spectacular sunsets that we experience almost every day.

The windmill, fully restored in 2012, serves as a subject of photographers and is a local landmark. The house was a way station on the original Salt Lake to Albuquerque stagecoach run. To this date, we continue to find a variety of old western artifacts. We have over 200 acres of improved pastures for rent or long term lease with water and cross fencing which are suitable for cattle and horses. Email for quotes and availability. See gallery photos for pastures.

In late 2012, the entire ranch was placed in a permanent Conservation Easement to permanently protect the production & pasture land and the diverse ecology and wildlife.

There is a ranch-related photo gallery here.

Monopoly Game Collection -- Rare, Vintage & Antique

Dan and Anita have been collecting early United States Monopoly Games since the late 1980s, when they purchased a small collection at an auction. The collection now contains more than 80 different game variations from 1933 to 1954, and a host of rare Monopoly Game Components. For this specific time period, the collection is the most complete in the United States (missing a few specialty items), and the entire collection is pictured in detail with descriptions on this site. A number of very rare Charles B. Darrow games are in the collection, including a 1933-34 Darrow Oil Cloth and components, 2 complete 1934 Darrow White Boxes & a 1935 Darrow Black Box, along with the extremely rare pre-Darrow White Box 23 inch board. Also, fully one third of the collection now consists of Original Sealed Games and Sealed Components. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at

The PHOTO GALLERY of specific Monopoly games, game variations and game components is HERE.

You can find BASIC MONOPOLY information HERE.

Visible Gas Pumps

Although Dan originally had no interest in gasoline memorabilia of any kind, things changed when he saw the old visible gas pump in the barn. The restoration of old visible gas pumps, combined with the help of obtaining original parts on eBay, has caused Anita to lose Dan many a fall and spring weekend to the shop.

The Visible Pumps that have recently been restored are two 1928 Fry Tall Ten Model 87's, two 1928 Wayne 615's and a 1928 G & B Gilbert and Barker T-176. One Fry 87 and the G & B T - 176 are for SALE.

You can find more information here, and there is also a photo gallery.

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